CBT&A (Logbook)

Competency based training and assessment is a course, similar to a tafe course, there are 29 tasks that learners need to be competent at before their final P’s review (Task 30).

The course is great for nervous/anxious people or those who don’t like the pressure of a VORT test.

It consists of 4 units:

  • Unit 1 basic
  • Unit 2 slow speed manoeuvres
  • Unit 3 medium density traffic
  • Unit 4 heavy traffic

Completing the CBT&A normally takes around 2 months to complete, with 10-12 one-hour lessons.

log book testing, driving lessons, female instructor

In the driving companion book, the CBT&A starts on page 38 and goes through to page 74. It takes drivers through everything they need to know about driving safely on our busy roads. As the learner is competent at each task, we tick it off and move onto the next until they are ready for the final review.

The same trainer teaches and completes the task 30 review. The rules of the log book are that we cannot book the final review unless we are 99% sure that the learner will pass the final drive (P’s test) successfully. 

How much does it cost?

  • Pricing 10 lessons at $80 each = $800
  • Task 30 final review (Ps test) = $290

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